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Hi, my name is Magda Kowalska. I'm a graphic designer also known as creepart. For over 8 years I’m working as a graphic designer, cooperating with small- and medium-sized companies, and individual clients from Poland and abroad. My specialization is branding and visual communication. I’m making creative concepts and communication strategies, as well as conducting visual analyses and consultations. I am interested in getting to know my clients. I draw inspiration from the stories and passion behind their businesses. I know from experience that behind each brand there are ideas waiting to be discovered and developed. Therefore my work is based on strict cooperation with the client. I pay much attention to briefing, research and analysis, which enables me to create solutions where the needs of the brand and its audience are met. In 2018 I received a Master of Art (MA) degree at both the Faculty of Graphic Arts and the Faculty of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland, where I also completed my bachelor's (BA) degree in 2015. In 2008, I obtained a bachelor's degree (BA) in International Relations at Collegium Civitas, Warsaw, Poland. Furthermore, I have four years of experience in the electronic auctions and work with corporate clients. In my spare time I’m making illustrations, photographs and mixed media installations. Privately, I am an eco-enthusiast and a cat-lover addicted to reading :-)

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