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Owoce i Warzywa

Owoce i Warzywa is the meeting place in Łódź. You can be sure, that here you will listen to good alternative music, eat great ciabattas, drink some of the finest regional beers and boost your wardrobe with courageous, a little bit crazy T-shirts and other clothes designed by talented polish artists. If it`s not enough, you will find here the finest pieces of furniture form the crazy 60` and 70` mixed with the excellent and unique items made by young polish designers (e.g. Kofi Kolektif, Lo_la Designs or Pink pug Designs), and you know what: everything is for sale!
In other words mellow, laid back atmosphere mixed with offbeat stuff. You can never be sure what will happen: small concert, discussion, screening of some niche film or even a party. It`s a good place to drop by and stay for one or more drinks and indulge yourself in an inspiring atmosphere created by good people for great people!

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