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AdAid.eu - a platform connecting Ukrainian friends 
with the EU creative industry

17 / 03

31 / 05 / 2022

A platform supporting Ukrainian marketing communications professionals has been launched, which is a joint initiative of industry organizations from EU countries. In connection with the tragedy that Ukraine is experiencing today, the advertising community, through the AdAid.eu initiative, wants to offer support by making it easier for people from Ukraine to find cooperation offers in EU countries and contact with companies: advertising agencies, media agencies, production companies, marketing, communication and PR departments on the client's side as well as other entities from the creative industry in EU countries. 

AdAid.eu is an initiative of the advertising community in Poland co-created in consultation with industry organizations in Europe. The wide-ranging cooperation is intended to express solidarity, but also to act practically - to allow quick access with job offers and support to specific people. 

On the platform there are already first offers and the database is constantly updated by potential employers and employees. The form makes it possible to filter the offers, including by stationary, hybrid or remote work. The use of the platform is free of charge.

Thanks to the involvement of media partners, the project will be supported by communication on social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook). 

How can you support the project?

  • Are you an employer? Analyze the competence needs in your team. If you have an employment opportunity, fill out the form at www.adaid.eu

  • Do you know job seekers in the creative sector? Give them the link to the platform www.adaid.eu.

  • Are you looking for a job in the industry in Poland or another European country? Browse through the available positions and upload your CV at www.adaid.eu.

  • Do you work for an organization bringing together entities from the sector or cooperate with the broadly understood marketing industry? Share the information about the AdAid.eu initiative in your communication channels.

If you want to support the initiative in another way, please contact us: contact@adaid.eu

The AdAid.eu project initiated by the Marketing Communication Association SAR is supported by partners:

  • All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition  

  • Effie Worldwide

  • Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity

  • ADCE - Art Directors Club of Europe

  • Związek Firm Public Relations

  • IAB Polska

  • IAA Polska Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Reklamy

  • STGU Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki Użytkowej (STGU)

  • Organizacja Firm Badania Opinii i Rynku

  • PTBRiO

  • The German Association of Communications Agencies GWA

  • LSW Leśnodorski Ślusarek i Wspólnicy

  • Gotoweb – produkcja strony internetowej

  • home.pl

  • Meta

  • TikTok



SAR was established in 1997. The organization brings together companies that create effective marketing communications, currently 124 entities: full service agencies, media agencies, brand design & consulting agencies, event agencies, interactive agencies, production houses and AdTech agencies. One of the main tasks of SAR is the promotion and animation of advertising environment in Poland and creating conditions for the exchange of experience and knowledge between entities operating in the market. In addition, the activity of SAR includes the development, systematization and popularization of tender standards and good business practices, organizing training, seminars and educating staff, as well as conducting industry research. In addition, SAR together with the Polish Confederation Lewiatan conducts lobbying on advertising law. The Association organizes advertising standard-setting competitions and conferences related to advertising standards-setting competitions and related conferences: Effie Awards, Innovation Award and KTR. Since 1999. SAR is a member of European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA).  In Poland, SAR represents the international Cannes Lions competition. www.sar.org.pl 

Contact for the media:  

Małgorzata Mioduszewska 

Communication & PR Manager, 

k +48 518 709 855, 

e-mail: malgorzata.mioduszewska@sar.org.pl

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